Advanced sports injury care in Yadkinville

Millions of Americans sustain orthopedic sports injuries every year. Sports can put extreme stresses on our bones, joints and muscles – and lead to all kinds of pain and lost function, even surgery. Here at the Yadkin Physical Therapy we work with:

  • Runners
  • Golfers
  • Gymnasts
  • Basketball players
  • Volleyball players
  • Soccer players
  • Baseball players
  • Softball players
  • Wrestlers
  • Dancers
  • Cheerleaders
  • Weekend warriors

No matter which sport or activity you participate in, we can help you avoid or overcome a multitude of possible sports injuries. We take a personal, one-on-one approach to your care. You’ll always work with a licensed physical therapist, who will explain your condition and treatment in as much detail as you need.

Advanced care for the best possible results

We use a combination of targeted manual therapy; modalities such as electrical stimulation; soft-tissue mobilization; manual therapy; K-laser therapy and customized exercise programs to relieve pain and improve function. We’re experienced with:

  • Back pain, neck pain and other problems
  • Knee pain and knee injuries (ACL injuries, MCL, PCL, LCL, meniscal and patellofemoral)
  • Shoulder joint pain and injuries (rotator cuff tear, impingement, frozen shoulder)
  • Sprains and strained muscle
  • Foot and ankle pain/problems
  • Shin splints
  • Fracture care
  • Postsurgical care
  • Post-total joint replacement

Knee injuries are common sports injuries

If you follow sports at all, then you know how common knee injuries, particularly ACL injuries, really are. The ACL or anterior cruciate ligament runs down the middle of the knee and prevents your shin bone (tibia) from sliding in front of your thigh bone (femur). If you suddenly feel or hear a popping noise from your knee, then experience pain and swelling, you likely have one of several ACL injuries; anything from a simple strain to a tear in the ligament.

The ACL is most commonly torn during sports that involve sudden stops and changes in direction — such as basketball, football, soccer, tennis, skiing and volleyball. Based on the severity of ACL injuries, treatments may include rest and rehabilitative exercises to help you regain strength and stability, or surgery to replace the torn ligament followed by rehabilitation with a physical therapist. A proper training program may help reduce your risk of an ACL injury. ACL injuries are among the most common knee injuries and causes of knee pain.

Shoulder injuries are also common sports injuries

Another common sports injury is a rotator cuff tear. The rotator cuff consists of four muscles in your upper arm. Because your shoulder is the most mobile joint in your body, it can easily become damaged or injured by overuse from repetitive motions or hyperextension. In addition to rotator cuff tear, you can have shoulder instability (common in younger athletes) or impingement, frozen shoulder or extreme stiffness (adhesive capsulitis), muscle strains, arthritis or dislocation when the ball of the shoulder pops out of the socket. Physical therapy has proven extremely effective for treating shoulder joint pain. The most severe shoulder injuries may require orthopedic surgery.

Tennis elbow is another common sports injury

This is another one of the more common sports injuries or conditions. Tennis elbow (lateral epicondylitis) is a pain condition that occurs when then you overuse the tendons in your elbow with repetitive motions of your wrist and arm. Tennis elbow pain occurs primarily where the tendons of your forearm muscles attach to the outside of your elbow. Tennis elbow pain can also radiate into your forearm, hand and wrist.

You should know that athletes aren't the only people who develop tennis elbow. People with occupations featuring the types of motions that can lead to tennis elbow include butchers, carpenters, plumbers and painters. You can often relieve the discomfort of tennis elbow with rest and over-the-counter pain relievers. When conservative treatments and physical therapy fail to provide enough relief or symptoms are disabling, your doctor might suggest surgery.

Discover effective sports injury care and so much more at Yadkin Physical Therapy. Call 336-677-1800 or use our convenient Request an Appointment form. We welcome patients from Yadkinville, Hamptonville, Elkin, Mocksville, Lewisville, Boonville, East Bend, Jonesville and surrounding areas.


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My strength overall has improved. My neck, shoulders pain has decreased a lot. My hands and arm strength has improved a lot. I feel physical therapy at Y.P.T. has helped me more than the procedure that I was having done. I feel better and I look forward to having therapy. Yadkin Physical Therapy is the best place I have ever been.

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